If you are even slightly up to date with the latest trends in marketing then you already know that social media is among the most preferred marketing platforms of the new age marketers and why not? Everyone, literally everyone, irrespective of the age, sex and location is on some or the other social media platform. This is why many brands engage in aggressive social media marketing.

Social media marketing yields tremendous results. It spreads brand awareness, gives you a stage to share your market message to a wide set of audience and brings in organic followers. With so many perks social media has to offer, it is almost reckless to not incorporate social media strategy in your exhibition plan.

If you are wondering how you can leverage social media to maximize footfall at your exhibitions booths, then worry not! In this blog post we bring you 6 social media strategies to increase footfall and to publicize your show. We have categorized our strategies in two categories pre-show strategies and strategies you can use during the show.

Pre-Show Strategies

A dedicated page/ account for your event – On almost every social media platform you can create a dedicate page or account. This is practiced by many exhibitors and show organizers already. Assuming that you have a social media account representing your company, you do not want to cramp it about with numerous posts about your show. Sure, you can announce it on your official page, but it important that you redirect the incoming crowd to your exhibition page.

You can post incessantly about the show, your exhibition stand, your exhibition booth design ideas and other announcement on this dedicated page. Having a dedicated page will give you an idea about how many people are actually interested in visiting you at the show; you can measure the reach of your page and even individual posts and work on new ideas to engage maximum audience.

Announce your star attraction – Hundreds of brands participate in exhibitions every year. What are you doing different? These are the questions social media veterans may throw at you. Anticipate these questions and plan your event accordingly. You needn’t shell out extra bucks; you just need to be smart.

If you are inviting an industry professional as a guest of honor, announce it on your social media platform! What products do you plan to showcase? Announce it! What services are planning to offer? Announce it! Give your audience something to look forward to and you be assured that your exhibition booth with be packed on the D-day.

Show your visitor’s what’s in it for them – Everyone is interested in freebies, gifts and prizes! You may have planned to conduct contests and sweepstakes at your exhibition stalls but unless you post it on social media, people won’t know about it. Post about the games and contest you plan to conduct at your booth. Excite your visitors with interesting prizes they can win by visiting your exhibition stalls. Once you show the audience what it is that you have to offer, you can be certain of incredible foot fall at your exhibition stand.

On-Show Strategies

Get organic reviews– During the show, you can engage the visitors at your exhibition stall and ask them for short reviews. You can give freebies to visitors willing to write and share a review about your brand on their social media platform. This activity will give you organic reviews and coverage. This is almost free-of-charge marketing. Not only will this activity get your brand trending but it will also create a buzz around the show, resulting in increased footfall.

Get tagged – Tagging is the new equivalent of sharing! You can encourage your visitors to tag you in their posts and even images. A photo stand installation at your booth will encourage visitors to click and post their pictures on social media. Giving them goodies for sharing images and tagging you is another powerful marketing strategy which will eventually help to increase foot fall at your booth.

Conduct polls and surveys – Twitter polls and now instagram surveys are gaining a lot of popularity. During the show you can conduct polls and surveys on your social media platform. This will create a lot of buzz around your brand and your exhibition participation. It will indirectly yet strongly create curiosity about the show and your participation. You can be certain that these activities will encourage more and more visitors to visit your exhibition stands.